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UPDATE 01/11/22 (12:30pm): The Developers are still working on this issue, but in researching it I can confirm that it is not affecting all gift cards. Try your gift card at checkout, and if you are having an issue, please email us and include your gift card #. Having specific card #s that are experiencing an issue will help track down and fix the issue.


We have received some reports that some gift cards are only reflecting a $0.01 balance at checkout, even when the gift card balance lookup shows a larger amount available.

We have reported the issue to our developers and we are working on it. We will have a resolution ASAP. In the meantime, please be assured that you are not going to lose ANY value on your gift card. 

To contact us with questions or concerns while we work through this issue please email Email is preferable as it allows us to maintain a recorded list of those experiencing issues, and the communications between us as we work towards a resolution.

In-store gift card redemption is uninterrupted, but store employees will have limited information about this issue as it only affects the website.

We will update this page when there is anything new to offer, or when the issue is resolved.